Rod and His Sister Gwen

Hear Rod and Gwen's story

"As a whanau, we do not want any of our children, our mokos, any of our family, or any family out there going to prison. We want better than that. We see homes, jobs, happiness, whanau."

"Being whanau who have survived state care as children, we find that we are often just part of a system that seems to work against us. I did not know who to turn to in order to help my brother get the help he needed after coming out of prison. I have a trusted relationship with Turuki Health Care and they referred me to Te Ira. Dorice is our Kai Raranga and she approached my brother in the right way, to listen to him and what he wants for his future. She understood the role I play as whanau and how we work together to support our children and our mokos to have a better future than we had as children. My brother has been incarcerated most of his life, he won’t talk to many people but he has talked to Dorice and he trusts Te Ira to help guide his new pathway."