Fade's Journey

Hear Fade's Story

“Because of the stand we have taken as a family, the generational curse stops here, my children will not follow the pathway to prison."

"I reached out to Te Ira as I had heard they understood the situation of us as a whanau with Dad in prison. I was most concerned about my two eldest girls aged 15 and 13. After my husband went to prison, my eldest girl left her current boarding school and came home. We were in crisis as a whanau. When Turaa came to meet us it was like a whanau member coming to help us. Turaa put us at ease that she was not just another social service going to put us through a standard process. We met at our Kura Kaupapa school and straight away Turaa started working with me as the Mum, the school, the mentor for the girls that we had chosen and began understanding the future we wanted as a whanau. We are now taking action toward that every day.”
— Hazel, Fade's mum